Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spring Fever?

Well I've got Spring Fever or something? Today I cleaned out the Buffet in the Dining Room!! What a mess...How did I ever get that much stuff in there? Well I feel great about getting that accomplished!! Yeah Me!! I am dedicating the next month to "Decluttering" the house!! We've got too much stuff!!

Went to the SIT crop yesterday and had a blast!! I got a few cards made and also made some really cute embellishments for a few of the girls!! Unfortunately everything is still in the van....I didn't even empty it out yet!! I should have something to show tomorrow!!

Well I'm tired and I'm going to bed!! Can't wait to get up and Declutter another spot....hmmm where do I want to go next...I'm thinking the kitchen...the darn butlers pantry is constantly covered in paper and crap!!! It would be a great area to work on dinner or what ever else I'm cooking up in the kitchen...but it seems to be forever covered in Junk Mail!!!

Will have Photos tomorrow!!!


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