Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Look What I Got!!!!

This is all the goodies I got from my Bella Sistah!!! Stickles, Bling, Images, and that really cute card....plus all the supplies to make that card!!! I love everything!!!
Thanks Kate!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Treehouse Homepage Card!!!!

Wow!! I was just checking my yahoo groups and clicked on Treehouse stamps to check out the new photos....and Holy Toledo...my card is on the front page!!!! That is too cool!!!
Thanks Kristin or Ashley...whoever decided to put it on there!!! I'm too excited!!!

Doing the Happy Tree Dance

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Plant a Tree

Here is a card that I just finished using my Treehouse Stamps. I Love this tree!! Its an awesome stamp too....The details come out sooooo Great!!! I heat embossed it so the details of the tree would really stand out!!

Hope you like!!


The Memory Cottage

All of these were on the back of my work space...now they sit nicely behind me!!

I thought this was a great idea...i used this plastic bin to separate all my ribbon...just pull the ribbon through the holes and leave the spool in the basket!! I'll let you know how it works out!!!
I cleaned this cabinet out...and was able to put all my stamps in one place!!! What a relief that is!!
This is where I keep most of my paper...You are probably thinking I shouldn't have my paper so close to the window...well these windows are tinted and have some kind of UV blocking...I'm not real sure on the specifics...but the paper has been there over a year and NO Fading!!! I'm amazed myself!

This is what I've been working on since last week...rearranging and decluttering my scrap room, which is now called "The Memory Cottage!!" I am working on getting a sign to put on the door. Here are some Shots of the Cottage.

This is the front of the room.
This is the back of the room.
This is Koosa...my roomate...he loves looking out the window at the squirrels...but mostly he takes his naps there on his pillow!!
This is my work area. Before I had all of those plasic drawers all along the back of the table...just wansn't enough work area.

Well its raining here today so I will be spending most of the day in the Memory Cottage!!
Look for some more projects later!!!
Have a Wonderful Day!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

This picture is too Funny!! This is my Gavin...!! I just had to share this picture!!!
More posts to come later...I was also testing my camera!!!
Have a Great Day!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Cupcake!!

Lookey what I got....My goodies from Treehouse Stamps came in the mail yesterday!! I got this really cute card made. I wanted to make more but I was really tired...stayed up with hubby on Sunday....then the time change is kicking my butt!!
I colored the cupcake with my SU! markers and the paper is from Lasting Impressions!!
Enjoy this Yummy Treat!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

March Bella Babe Contest....

Ok...I entered the Bella Babe Contest!! After making this card...I love this Bella Stamp with the Cupcake!!! Now that I look at this card...I see a few things I would do different...Ugg I hate when that happens....the deadline is 7pm mountain time.....whatever time that is here....well....i guess I will make the updates with the next card I make!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008


Here is a Card Front I made for our Embossibilities! activity on SIT. (Scrappin in Toledo) I think it came out really cute...I just may have to make another!!!
The stencil is from Lasting Impressions and so is the paper. The "Cafe" is up on a Pop Dot.

Treehouse Party!!!!

I just had a bunch of fun at Treehousestamps.com !!! They are a new stamp company and they were revealing some of their new stamps last night!! So they had a party on their yahoo group!! Check out these stamps...they are soo cute...I had to have this Cupcake one!!! Also had to get the Go Green set....it has an Awesome Tree in it!!

Good news about the party...I was runner up for a Bio Scavenger hunt game (which gives me an awesome idea for Wacky Wednesday for SIT)...I won some Free Stamps!!!!! Then they were looking for ideas for new stamps...we were on the subject of guy/masculine stamps and they liked one of my ideas and they are creating a stamp that will be out in April/May...and I will get that Free Too!!!!

The Ladies in that group are Super Nice and it was really fun!! I've been a "Lurker" at Ashley's Blog for a while now!!! Anyway...go check out Treehousestamps.com !!!!

As soon as I get my stamps I will be posting my creations!!!!


Monday, March 3, 2008

Joys of SAHM!!!!

Well just got my last load of laundry accomplished....now what to do....dinner is already set....House is company ready....well I guess there is only one thing left to do....Get Scrappin!!!!

I absolutely love being a SAHM again....I guess I didn't realize how good I had it until I went back out into the working world!! I am truly Blessed!!

Have a Great Day Everyone!!!