Friday, March 7, 2008

Treehouse Party!!!!

I just had a bunch of fun at !!! They are a new stamp company and they were revealing some of their new stamps last night!! So they had a party on their yahoo group!! Check out these stamps...they are soo cute...I had to have this Cupcake one!!! Also had to get the Go Green has an Awesome Tree in it!!

Good news about the party...I was runner up for a Bio Scavenger hunt game (which gives me an awesome idea for Wacky Wednesday for SIT)...I won some Free Stamps!!!!! Then they were looking for ideas for new stamps...we were on the subject of guy/masculine stamps and they liked one of my ideas and they are creating a stamp that will be out in April/May...and I will get that Free Too!!!!

The Ladies in that group are Super Nice and it was really fun!! I've been a "Lurker" at Ashley's Blog for a while now!!! Anyway...go check out !!!!

As soon as I get my stamps I will be posting my creations!!!!


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