Monday, November 17, 2008

New & Improved Treehouse Dino

Ok...I think this came out better!! Thanks for the suggestions...Carmen and Lanie!! I put a little stickles, some Bling paper and some layering!! I hope the girls at Treehouse like it!! I had to redo it because Gabe thought that they were his invites for a pizza party and started sending them to his friends!! LOL!!! So I had a chance to tweak them!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Treehouse Dino....Need your Feedback!!

OK...I'm in a swap over at Treehouse Stamps and I came up with this card...Not sure how its going to go over...I'm happy with it...but my gut says its missing something...So why not put it on the blog for everyone to check out and let me know what you think!!! Please leave a comment so I can get these cards done!!!

Thanks A Bunch Bloggers!!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Bossy Group Halloween Challenge...

Today I finally finished a Halloween Challenge over at The Bossy group for embossing...We were sent a few embossed pieces...the ghost, the pumpkin, and a cat (didn't have room for him) and we were to create a card with them...I had a hard time coming up with something...but today while I was putting new contact paper under my just popped into my head so I ran upstairs to the Memory Cottage and got to work!! I love that!! I used Lasting Impressions Stencil for the Haunted House...its actually a cute cottage but I think the black makes it "Haunted" and then for the fence I used Martha Stewart's punch...which I love!!! Everything is up on dimensionals except the fence!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Friday Sketchers

Here is my card for the Friday Sketchers!! I used this cute little owl from Treehouse Stamps. The sentiment is also from Treehouse Stamps. I used my Watercolor pencils to color him in...and the paper I got from my Scraps!! Hope you enjoy!!



Saturday, October 11, 2008

I Got A Job!!

Well its official...I got a job!! Its Part-time...but its exactly what I was looking for...and actually I wasn't looking at all...they called me!! Woo Hoo!! I had interviewed for the company last spring but I didn't get the job...but now they are looking for some extra help and the lady that interviewed me kept my resume and gave me a call!! Hooray!! I will be doing Clinical work and excited...the best part is that I will be using my Dietetics Background which is awesome!! I will be a Dietetic Technician for a Company that has "small houses" for elderly residents and also "rehab houses"...instead of the Elders living in a nursing home facility...these are actual homes where 10 elders live and have nursing staff and nurse aides there to assist them!! I will be responsible for clinical charting, educating the staff on sanitation and safety and nutritional information, making sure the menus the elders choose are nutritionally sound, etc...!! I am soooo excited and did I mention the pay is way more than I expected!! Also I will probably be working more hours after the first of the year!!
I will be posting on how its going!!
Now off to Create Something!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

SIT Saturday Sketch

Here is our Saturday Sketch Challenge for Scrappin In Toledo. I will hopefully be working on this!! Let me know if you try our Sketch!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Skraptacular Blog Candy!!!!

My Great Friend over at Skraptacular Designs has some Awesome Blog Candy!! Check it out and you may be the Winner!! I hope I am!!! LOL!!!

SheetLoad of Cards - Free Monthly eZine: The October issue is ready to download...

SheetLoad of Cards - Free Monthly eZine: The October issue is ready to download...

Fall Clean Up

Hey...Hope you noticed some changes here at The Memory Cottage!! Added a new banner and also added a few things!! Look might find something that catches your eye!!
Have Fun and thanks for looking!! Now if I could just get my boys together for a Picture!!! LOL!!
Leave me a message and tell me what you like!!

Magnolia Time!!

Hey Everybody!! Finally got a chance to play with my Magnolia Stamps!! This little guy reminds me of my boys soooo much!! I made this card to give to the boys teachers!! I'm not going to even get into the trouble I had with this card...have you ever had one of those projects where it took forever and everything you did either came out crooked or something screwed up...Ugggg....Anyway...I'm happy with the end result!! I used my watercolor pencils to color my boy angel in...which came out sooooo cute!! They (the ladies over at MAGNOLIA-licious) told me that you get so attached to these images after you color in your first one!! They were sooo right...I'm headed over to Diana Cricks new online store to buy some more from my wishlist!!
Have a Great Day!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fun Flowers

Here is a Card front that I did for a swap at Scrappin in Toledo. Of course I used all Lasting Impressions products here. I don't have the template number here at the puter...but if you would like it...just ask!! LOL!! I absolutely just love the way this turned out!! I love layering the embossed flowers...I guess I better get busy and make myself another one of these!! What a great hello card this would make!!

TAC Peek-A-Boo

Hello Everybody!! I finally got around to making my girlfriend a card...she just had a baby boy!! I also killed two birds with one stone...did a sketch challenge from one of my favorite bloggers...Heather Scott at Oz-somestamps. She is a TAC Angel and I love her work!!

I used the Peek-A-Boo set from TAC and the paper is from the DCWV baby boy stack and the cute stitched circles are from the Mini Monogram Cricut Cartridge. The "Oh Boy" stamp is from K&Co.

Well I'm off to write a quick note to my friend and get this card in the mail.



Wednesday, October 1, 2008

SIT Swap Card

Here is a Card that I made for one of the SWAPS for my local Scrappin Group...Scrappin In Toledo. The teacup and flower are embossed and also the insert has an embossed border!! I think it came out really cute...Love the Criss-Cross card too!!



Thursday, September 4, 2008

Check out my new Banner!!

Isn't it sooo cool!! My Awesome friend, Priscilla from Skraptacular Designs, designed it for me!!

My Favorite Halloween Card!!!

Oh my...I have to say hands down...this is my Favorite Halloween Card!! Tell me that Witches Hat isn't AWESOME!!! This stamp set is from Treehouse Stamps!!! I love their Stamps!!! The hat is colored and covered with Stickles...the sentiment is also from treehouse!! Paper is from American Crafts!! I made the scallops with my Cricut (mini monograms)!! Hope you like it!! Let me know!!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More Halloween with Treehouse Stamps

This card was sooo fun to make!! I used my new Cuttlebug Folder for the background and then I used that totally cute spider from Treehouse Stamps!! Again I used that Black Magic Paper so the web is actually green. It looks soo cool IRL!! I cannot wait to send out my Halloween Cards this year!!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Black Magic

This card may be hard to see but it is Cool IRL!! I found this really cool paper called Black Magic...instead of being white has colored when you emboss the color comes out!! Its soooo awesome for my Embossing Projects!! Only one can't see through it with the I had to wing it with the stencil...but still came out Great!! I also used the Cuttlebug Embossing Borders on this and it came out Fabo!!!

Hope you like!!


Crop til You Drop!!

I had so much fun making this card!! I had the idea in my head for about 2 weeks!! The whole seen is actually me in my little red Ranger going to a Crop!! LOL!! This was also the first time I used the Cuttlebug Embossing Borders....Love Them!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Halloween Embossing

Here's another Halloween card!! This time I used one of my Lasting Impressions Brass Stencils!! I'd have to say embossing is my most favortie papercrafting technique!! The hardest thing about this card was the stitching around the edges...I had a heck of a time getting the thread through that needle!! I also finally used the dollar "Happy Halloween" stamp I bought last year!!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Halloween Cards

Here's a Halloween Card I made last night!! I cased it from a card on splitcoast!! The best part is that I used the green and orange pieces of paper from my scraps!! the card is 4x4 and I used my scor-pal to easily scor it!! The stamp is from Booglie Eyes from Stampin Up!



I've got all this "Stuff"...What do I do???

I think I may have solved my dilemma of "What do I Scrap??" First I needed to organize the huge drawer of scraps...Some of the girls in my Scrappin Group came up with this idea of how to organize your scraps by using a crate and some filing dividers. I tried it and it is working out Great!! You can see the picture above of my Crate of Scraps!! Its so easy to reach for a specific color of paper!!
Next I'm thinking...Sheesh I've got all this stuff...what do I use first??
Well I figured I may as well just go ahead and pre-pick stuff I'm going to use. This month I'm going to be getting ready for fall....fall pages, fall cards, halloween pages and cards. So I went through my stuff and got out everything related with these themes and put it in this "Blue Case." I got it with a kit from QVC...but I emptied it and put all my current theme stuff in it. Its got a great spot for 12x12 paper and three drawers for embellishments, ribbon, etc. So now all my stuff is in one if I want to create something... its all in one spot!! Its also really portable so if I want to go to my girlfriend's house to scrap...that is much easier to transport than packing the whole room up!!
Another idea I came up with for my stamps is that I would have a basket and choose 3-5 stamp sets or individual stamps that I want to play with for a couple of weeks. This would help when I am trying to decide what stamps to use and it takes me an hour to go through them all!! I coordinated this with the Fall/Halloween theme!!
Next I made a list of some projects that I wanted to do...and now I'm just going to do it!! I am using my PSB case to do this. It holds 12x12 sheet protectors and I just put the project in there the sketch, the paper, embellishments, etc right in there and bam! ready to go!!
I'm so excited about my new ideas....I don't really think that they are new and I'm sure I did not think them up 0n my own...but by reading scrappin mags and looking at other people's blogs and sharing ideas with my friends I'm figuring things out!! My time is so limited and valuable that if I get a few hours to go to my friends house to scrap...I want to get over there and not waste time packing or figuring out what I want to do....and vice versa if some friends come over here I want to be able to grab a project and get moving!!
Have a Great Day!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sunday Something

Here is a card I made for our Sunday Something Challenge on Scrappin in Toledo!! We had to make a diamond double pocket card?? Don't quote me on that...but I think thats what it's called. I used Stampin Up paper and a TAC stamp set Garden of Life!! It felt really good to be Scrappin!! I'm headed up there now to make a quick card!! I've got a ton of stuff that I need to finish....stuff that I'm late on for that is on the list too!!
Have a Great Day!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Family Picture

Here is a cute pic of all of us!!


Hello Everyone!!!

Hooray!!! The warm weather is finally here!!

Its been awhile since my last post....been extremely busy....which is a good thing!!!

The kids are done with school, baseball is in full swing, and my new job is exploding!!!!

I've decided to make a career change and instead of helping people with medical/nutritional needs, I am helping them with their financial needs!! I am learning sooo much and just want to show everyone what I've learned!! The company that I am working for (Primerica) is Awesome....I've never been with a company or worked with people that are this positive and enthusiastic and encouraging!!!! If you know me and know how upbeat and "Fluffy" I am.....These people have got me beat....but its very "catchy" and I've definitely caught the "Positive Vibes"!!! Another positive avenue about this career change is that Josh and I are working together.....Its Awesome!!! We are closer than ever and we really can't be happier!!!

Today I'm just cleaning up the house and getting ready to go to the pool!! Can't Wait!! I need to work on my tan!!! LOL!!! Tomorrow I plan doing some Scrappin!! sooo be on the lookout for some new posts!!!

Hugs Everyone!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Look What I Got!!!!

This is all the goodies I got from my Bella Sistah!!! Stickles, Bling, Images, and that really cute all the supplies to make that card!!! I love everything!!!
Thanks Kate!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Treehouse Homepage Card!!!!

Wow!! I was just checking my yahoo groups and clicked on Treehouse stamps to check out the new photos....and Holy card is on the front page!!!! That is too cool!!!
Thanks Kristin or Ashley...whoever decided to put it on there!!! I'm too excited!!!

Doing the Happy Tree Dance

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Plant a Tree

Here is a card that I just finished using my Treehouse Stamps. I Love this tree!! Its an awesome stamp too....The details come out sooooo Great!!! I heat embossed it so the details of the tree would really stand out!!

Hope you like!!


The Memory Cottage

All of these were on the back of my work they sit nicely behind me!!

I thought this was a great idea...i used this plastic bin to separate all my ribbon...just pull the ribbon through the holes and leave the spool in the basket!! I'll let you know how it works out!!!
I cleaned this cabinet out...and was able to put all my stamps in one place!!! What a relief that is!!
This is where I keep most of my paper...You are probably thinking I shouldn't have my paper so close to the window...well these windows are tinted and have some kind of UV blocking...I'm not real sure on the specifics...but the paper has been there over a year and NO Fading!!! I'm amazed myself!

This is what I've been working on since last week...rearranging and decluttering my scrap room, which is now called "The Memory Cottage!!" I am working on getting a sign to put on the door. Here are some Shots of the Cottage.

This is the front of the room.
This is the back of the room.
This is roomate...he loves looking out the window at the squirrels...but mostly he takes his naps there on his pillow!!
This is my work area. Before I had all of those plasic drawers all along the back of the table...just wansn't enough work area.

Well its raining here today so I will be spending most of the day in the Memory Cottage!!
Look for some more projects later!!!
Have a Wonderful Day!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

This picture is too Funny!! This is my Gavin...!! I just had to share this picture!!!
More posts to come later...I was also testing my camera!!!
Have a Great Day!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Cupcake!!

Lookey what I got....My goodies from Treehouse Stamps came in the mail yesterday!! I got this really cute card made. I wanted to make more but I was really tired...stayed up with hubby on Sunday....then the time change is kicking my butt!!
I colored the cupcake with my SU! markers and the paper is from Lasting Impressions!!
Enjoy this Yummy Treat!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

March Bella Babe Contest....

Ok...I entered the Bella Babe Contest!! After making this card...I love this Bella Stamp with the Cupcake!!! Now that I look at this card...I see a few things I would do different...Ugg I hate when that happens....the deadline is 7pm mountain time.....whatever time that is here....well....i guess I will make the updates with the next card I make!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008


Here is a Card Front I made for our Embossibilities! activity on SIT. (Scrappin in Toledo) I think it came out really cute...I just may have to make another!!!
The stencil is from Lasting Impressions and so is the paper. The "Cafe" is up on a Pop Dot.

Treehouse Party!!!!

I just had a bunch of fun at !!! They are a new stamp company and they were revealing some of their new stamps last night!! So they had a party on their yahoo group!! Check out these stamps...they are soo cute...I had to have this Cupcake one!!! Also had to get the Go Green has an Awesome Tree in it!!

Good news about the party...I was runner up for a Bio Scavenger hunt game (which gives me an awesome idea for Wacky Wednesday for SIT)...I won some Free Stamps!!!!! Then they were looking for ideas for new stamps...we were on the subject of guy/masculine stamps and they liked one of my ideas and they are creating a stamp that will be out in April/May...and I will get that Free Too!!!!

The Ladies in that group are Super Nice and it was really fun!! I've been a "Lurker" at Ashley's Blog for a while now!!! Anyway...go check out !!!!

As soon as I get my stamps I will be posting my creations!!!!


Monday, March 3, 2008

Joys of SAHM!!!!

Well just got my last load of laundry what to do....dinner is already set....House is company ready....well I guess there is only one thing left to do....Get Scrappin!!!!

I absolutely love being a SAHM again....I guess I didn't realize how good I had it until I went back out into the working world!! I am truly Blessed!!

Have a Great Day Everyone!!!



Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Paula Abdul Song!!!!

Dance Like There's No Tomorrow!!
Love It!!
You can hear it hear on my Blog.....just click on it in the Juke Box!!



Ohhhhh the Bellas!! She is just tooo pretty!! I made this card with my Cricut...Christmas Cheer...I love being able just to cut out the scalloped card!!! I'm not sure why I made this card but it did come out very pretty....Springy....I can smell the green grass and feel the sun on my face!!! Soon it will Spring!!!!

You Rock!!

This Rockin Embossin Card is too cool!! You can't really see...but I ran the DCWV Glitter Cardstock through the Cuttlebug to make the background and then embossed the Skull with a Lasting Impressions Stencil...mounted on LI black CS. Its so Glittery IRL. I actually made 3 of these at the crop I was at on Saturday....The girls are using them for embellishments for their Teen Girls!! I do think this turned out Cool! I'm not sure what the style is called with all the skulls and hearts and stuff....If you know....leave me a message!!! I can't wait to see what else I can come up with this skull!!! LOL!!!!

Cricut Expecting Card

This card was really fun to make! I used my New Arrival Cricut Cartridge to cut out the whole card....the scallopped edges too!! I don't know how I survived without my Cricut!!
I made this card for a friend who just found out that she is prego!!

Hanna Stamps!!

OMGosh!!! Isn't she cute!! This line of stamps are sooo awesome!! I made this card at my Scrappin Group's Crop on Saturday!! The paper is Basic Grey. I colored Hanna with my SU! markers. The website for these stamps is

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Spring Fever?

Well I've got Spring Fever or something? Today I cleaned out the Buffet in the Dining Room!! What a mess...How did I ever get that much stuff in there? Well I feel great about getting that accomplished!! Yeah Me!! I am dedicating the next month to "Decluttering" the house!! We've got too much stuff!!

Went to the SIT crop yesterday and had a blast!! I got a few cards made and also made some really cute embellishments for a few of the girls!! Unfortunately everything is still in the van....I didn't even empty it out yet!! I should have something to show tomorrow!!

Well I'm tired and I'm going to bed!! Can't wait to get up and Declutter another spot....hmmm where do I want to go next...I'm thinking the kitchen...the darn butlers pantry is constantly covered in paper and crap!!! It would be a great area to work on dinner or what ever else I'm cooking up in the kitchen...but it seems to be forever covered in Junk Mail!!!

Will have Photos tomorrow!!!


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hot Cocoa

Yummy!! Here's some Hot Cocoa to warm us up on this "Freezing Day!" Here in Ohio the high temp today is going to be 12. I'm snuggled up with the wood burner blazing and some Hot Cocoa with my boys!!

I made this card with Lasting Impressions Stencil and Lasting Impressions paper!!


I'm Back!!!

Well, A lot has been going on since my last post! I had a terrible experience with the job I got. I thought it was my "Dream Job"!! But instead I got to actually meet the Devil!! My boss ended up being just terrible...and I did not get recommended for hire....I got fired!!! I can honestly say that there was no reason for that woman to fire me because I was doing a really good job!! To make a long story short...I have filed Harassment Charges against her with the school system that I worked for. I will keep you posted as to what is happening.

I am still keeping a positive note on this experience!! I am looking at all the different lessons I have learned. How important my family is...and how important it is for me to be at home with my boys...How important my friends are and how much they support me and just really Love me!!...What a Great Responsibility I have at home and to my family...How important it is that I continue to stand up for myself and everyone else "That Woman" has encountered!!...And Lastly...How much I NEED to scrapbook to keep my sanity!!!!!!! LOL!!!!

Keep checking up on the Memory Cottage because I have some Great Plans!!!