Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hello Everyone!!!

Hooray!!! The warm weather is finally here!!

Its been awhile since my last post....been extremely busy....which is a good thing!!!

The kids are done with school, baseball is in full swing, and my new job is exploding!!!!

I've decided to make a career change and instead of helping people with medical/nutritional needs, I am helping them with their financial needs!! I am learning sooo much and just want to show everyone what I've learned!! The company that I am working for (Primerica) is Awesome....I've never been with a company or worked with people that are this positive and enthusiastic and encouraging!!!! If you know me and know how upbeat and "Fluffy" I am.....These people have got me beat....but its very "catchy" and I've definitely caught the "Positive Vibes"!!! Another positive avenue about this career change is that Josh and I are working together.....Its Awesome!!! We are closer than ever and we really can't be happier!!!

Today I'm just cleaning up the house and getting ready to go to the pool!! Can't Wait!! I need to work on my tan!!! LOL!!! Tomorrow I plan doing some Scrappin!! sooo be on the lookout for some new posts!!!

Hugs Everyone!!!

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Lanie Painie said...

First of all, I'm suprised and delighted to hear my all-time favorite song on your blog! How calming it can be to "Imagine" a world like that.

Second, congratulations on your new career! Are you working primarily from home or at the office? It was really cool seeing Josh with his mom and the little guys at Wally the other day!