Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I've got all this "Stuff"...What do I do???

I think I may have solved my dilemma of "What do I Scrap??" First I needed to organize the huge drawer of scraps...Some of the girls in my Scrappin Group came up with this idea of how to organize your scraps by using a crate and some filing dividers. I tried it and it is working out Great!! You can see the picture above of my Crate of Scraps!! Its so easy to reach for a specific color of paper!!
Next I'm thinking...Sheesh I've got all this stuff...what do I use first??
Well I figured I may as well just go ahead and pre-pick stuff I'm going to use. This month I'm going to be getting ready for fall....fall pages, fall cards, halloween pages and cards. So I went through my stuff and got out everything related with these themes and put it in this "Blue Case." I got it with a kit from QVC...but I emptied it and put all my current theme stuff in it. Its got a great spot for 12x12 paper and three drawers for embellishments, ribbon, etc. So now all my stuff is in one spot...so if I want to create something... its all in one spot!! Its also really portable so if I want to go to my girlfriend's house to scrap...that is much easier to transport than packing the whole room up!!
Another idea I came up with for my stamps is that I would have a basket and choose 3-5 stamp sets or individual stamps that I want to play with for a couple of weeks. This would help when I am trying to decide what stamps to use and it takes me an hour to go through them all!! I coordinated this with the Fall/Halloween theme!!
Next I made a list of some projects that I wanted to do...and now I'm just going to do it!! I am using my PSB case to do this. It holds 12x12 sheet protectors and I just put the project in there the sketch, the paper, embellishments, etc right in there and bam! ready to go!!
I'm so excited about my new ideas....I don't really think that they are new and I'm sure I did not think them up 0n my own...but by reading scrappin mags and looking at other people's blogs and sharing ideas with my friends I'm figuring things out!! My time is so limited and valuable that if I get a few hours to go to my friends house to scrap...I want to get over there and not waste time packing or figuring out what I want to do....and vice versa if some friends come over here I want to be able to grab a project and get moving!!
Have a Great Day!!

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