Saturday, November 21, 2009

Back to What I Love!!!

Finally...I actually did a Scrapbook Page!!! I've been so preoccupied with cards that I'd lost touch with why I really love scrapbooking....Scrappin my Family!! It just hit me one day....why am I taking all this time and stressing out over my swap cards when I should be using that energy on my own family heirlooms...and it was just that simple!! I really enjoyed taking the time to Scrap this was relaxing and fun...not stressfull!! Hooray for me!!! Ok...gotta get back to Scrappin!!!
Have a Great Weekend!!!


Carmen O. said...

What a cute page too! Love the frame around his face. It's been awhile since I scrapped too, the last one was of Michael Jackson. I really want to do one of Mitch with his new glasses. Would like to get one of him in his HL vest. But he'd probably kill me!

Apple said...

Cool layout!

Adria the Copic-less said...

Yaaaaaaaaaa! Scrappin agian!!

very cute too :)